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JUNE 6th 2017 update: We have currently raised $350 from individual supporters in Kenya.  If a club fully sponsors us, this money will be used to give free shows to needy schools in Kenya.  Or, your club or charity may support us with the balance or any portion of the total. ($4,945 USD)

Potential Club Project

Fellow Rotarians,

My name is Rtn. Darren Collins and I am currently running a global grant and vocational training team in Kenya. We’ve trained Kenyans in the art of puppetry as a teaching tool.

One of our students has really inspired us. His name is Jose Ngunjiri. He was badly burned in a fire when he was four months old. In spite of only having one full hand he has become an excellent puppeteer.

Recently, Jose got inspired to use puppetry to tell his life story. He wants children to understand and reject stigmatization of the disabled and also give hope to the disabled children. He wants to teach them that they can overcome difficulties.

I suggested that he combine these themes with fire safety education as he told his life story through puppetry and illustrative magic tricks. Our project partners agreed that they could also help Jose accomplish this goal.

Jose wants to tour this show around Kenya. He has several options, running through a CBO or NGO – after all, he has a talent that can support government directives and the development sector to make measurable change.

  • Fires are a significant problem in the slums and villages of Kenya.
    • Stigmatization of the disabled is painfully normal.


Jose and a cast of local puppeteers could make a significant impact in this country with a world-class educational puppet show.

This initiative will require start-up capital. For USD $4,945 (444,500Ksh) we can write the scripts with acclaimed TV show writers, record the audio with Kenyan celebrities, and hire an award winning producer.

This money will also pay for rehearsals of the puppeteers, purchase the magic effects and rent rehearsal space so Jose can properly launch this production.

So, in essence your club would be financing the full production start-up. Local businesses and government agencies will finance the actual presentations.

Please let me know if you can assist in any way with this worthy endeavor.

Warm Regards,

Darren Collins
Project HAND UP
Rotary Club of DeSoto
Kenya: 0718 043 050 / USA 469 337 5217
[email protected]