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Care and Feeding for your new Lionel T. Lion

1 Lion
1 .mp3 player
1 Speaker Set
1 audio cable
1 power cable
1 seating pad
4 AA batteries


1. Remove Lionel from box and place grey seating pad underneath his furry backside with the thick part toward his tail.
2. Remove speakers and .mp3 player from packages.
3. Locate black plug-in panel on Lionel’s lower back.
4. Insert power cable into panel.
5. Insert audio cable into the “in” jack of the panel and the “headphone” jack of the mp3 player.
6. Plug in speakers
7. Insert speaker audio cable into the “out” jack of the panel on Lionel’s furry backside.
8. Turn the switch on the back panel to the “on” position.
9.  Locate and press the “power” button and adjust the volume wheel on the right speaker.


Operating the .MP3 player
Songs are preloaded and ready to go.  Extra support files are also loaded on the .mp3 player in .pdf format for future reference.

1. Toggle the switch located on the side of the .mp3 player to the “on” position.”
2. Press the “M” button to go to the main menu.
3. Locate the “MUSIC” folder using the double arrow buttons and press the center “play|pause” button.  This will bring up the track selection.
4. Song list starting with track one “The Four Way Test” will appear.  Use the arrow buttons to select which track you wish to play.
5. Make sure the volume is up to at least 29.  Press the “VOL” button until the tiny image of a speaker is highlighted.  Then use the arrow buttons to increase or decrease the volume.
6. Press the “VOL” button again to return to the track selection option.
5. Press the round “play|pause” button to start the track you wish to play.
6. When finished toggle the switch located on the side to the “off” position.
7.  Don’t forget to turn the device off.  The screen will go dark to save battery, but this does not mean the device is off.

Charging:  This unit is charged using the same USB cord that you may use to view files or transfer .mp3s to another device.  Plug in the included USB cable to any USB port to another device that is powered on, and charging will occur.  You do not need to turn your .mp3 on for it to charge.


For additional information please refer to the instructions included with your .mp3 player and speaker set. 

1. You hear sound but the Lion isn’t moving?
Increase the volume on your input device. (included mp3 player or device of your choice)
2. The songs have beeps when you play them without the Lion?
You can’t do that, sorry.  The tracks are coded for use with Lionel only.
3. He doesn’t seem quite right? 
Give him some time, he’s been cooped up in a box for a while and might need to “warm up”.
3. Something else isn’t working?
Email [email protected] for questions. There is a 30 day warranty on Lionel and a free exchange within 30 days of your purchase of Lionel if something terrible goes wrong.

Fluff up his hair with a brush or comb, adjust his ears, he’s been hibernating for a while and he wants to look nice for his first show.

NOTE: 4 AA batteries are included.  Lionel prefers to run on battery power – yes, he comes with a plug in, because it is convenient, but he really likes to be fed batteries.  It’s up to you, but if you notice his performance during songs is lacking, simply locate the panel under his bum – and remove the battery cover with a Phillips screwdriver.  Insert batteries and remove power cable – he’ll work even better!

Remember:  Lionel runs off of the .mp3 player, but any playback device will work.  Feel free to copy the .mp3s to your computer and load onto your phone or CD.  Just make sure if you do convert the songs, that you don’t compress or degrade the quality at all.


Lionel is specifically designed for use with pre-school age children.  He is appropriate for Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade children as well.
He is best used once a day, once a week, or whenever there is something to celebrate.  It is best to only play one song per day so he remains special.

The tracks provided play the Four Way Test between each regular song.  We recommend that each time you play a new song, you first play the Four Way Test.  The Four Way Test includes universal ethics that all people will benefit from.  Therefore, begin each new song from Lionel with a refresher of the Four Way Test.

Lionel T. Lion Track Listing:

1 Four Way Test.mp3

2 Addition.mp3

3 Alphabet.mp3

4 Animal Sounds.mp3

5 Black And White.mp3

6 Counting.mp3

7 Excuse Me.mp3

8 Following The Leader.mp3

9 Give One Away.mp3

10 I’m The Only Me.mp3

11 Marching Song.mp3

12 Opposites.mp3

13 Pirate Jig.mp3

14 Read Me A Story.mp3

15 Rinkee Tinkee.mp3

16 Senses.mp3

17 Sharing Song.mp3

18 Snack Parade.mp3

19 The Dancing Song.mp3

20 Washing Hands.mp3