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For just $5,000USD you can gift all the tools necessary for a Rotaract Club in Kenya to replicate our complete program and reach thousands of students, adults and peers with HIV and AIDS prevention and anti-stigma education.

How does it work?

The “Project HAND UP curriculum kit” is designed to be used hundreds of times. It includes the most rugged gear, the most professional designs, and world-class training and educational materials.

We train the volunteers from the club, securely store the equipment (if needed), and provide support for the club in perpetuity. We also assist with follow-up presentations and identifying strategic partners to optimize the impact the Rotaract clubs make in their region.

We also provide the club with the first 1000 take-home booklets and five give-aways.

Project HAND UP will mentor the club to reach for their first 5,000 students. After that, we will be hands-off and let them do their work. But, we are always available for further support and consultation.

What do YOU get?

  • A digital photograph of the actual audiences that receive education with this kit, every time an educational program takes place.
  • A terrific value for your dollar. At the very least, ONE child will learn life-saving and life-changing education for every dollar spent on this kit. The potential impact is far, far greater. This will depend on the tenacity and commitment of the Rotaract club.*

*The potential exists that the Rotaract club will face additional expenses eventually. Lunches, transport, and upkeep are sometimes barriers to young clubs with little or no budget. Our team will also help mentor the club to use the equipment to generate club money to pay for the expenses of volunteering.

What exactly happens?

When we receive the $5000 gift from your club:

  1. A complete kit is delivered to our offices in Nairobi.
  2. We schedule two complete training days with the Rotaract club.
  3. Volunteers are trained by our staff.
  4. Schools in the target area are identified by the club.
  5. The club visits a school (or schools) and performs the educational show
  6. A follow up show is booked.
  7. The club performs a follow-up show 30 to 90 days later.
  8. Steps 5-7 repeat as often as your sponsored Rotaract club desires.

What is in the kit?

• 8 Puppets
• 1 PA System
• 1 Deluxe Puppet Theatre
• 2 Microphones
• mp3 player
• Costumes, Backdrops, Magic tricks, props
• Curriculum kit (including T-shirt designs, and 12 page book .pdfs)
• Performance rights
• Unlimited downloads of future Project HAND UP curriculum soundtracks (so they can perform other shows in the future)

How is the club chosen?

You may select your own club in a Swahili speaking region of East Africa, or you can let us interview and select a club on our own.   Only clubs that show initiative will be gifted with our program kit.

For more information contact us at:
[email protected]