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Project HAND UP is about using performing arts to teach health science.  That means that when you bring us in to do a Rotary Club Presentation we will demonstrate many of the fun ways that we grab and hold an audience’s attention – along with stories that inform and object lessons that illustrate the content.

You will love this presentation, as so many clubs already have.
Contact Darren directly at: 469-337-5217 or [email protected]

From the Prestonwood Rotary Club:Coterie Connection Prestonwood Rotary

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“Rotarian Darren Collins is a professional variety entertainer who has travelled around the world teaching the performing arts and presenting family comedy shows.  He has trained over 20,000 puppeteers in 49 states and over 15 countries.

He is currently the International director for a non-profit in Desoto, Texas called Project HAND UP.   Project Hand Up is dedicated to writing, producing, distributing and implementing HIV Prevention and AIDS Education puppet and magic shows in East Africa.  These shows are designed to reach large audiences with basic health science education that would otherwise not be taught due to their sensitive subject matter.

Darren has been traveling to Kenya for the last three years and looks forward to sharing with you the inception and current direction of the charity he helped found.”