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$85 Per Month Donation
One complete program is delivered to a different school every month by our puppeteers in Kenya.  Sign up for a $85 recurring donation on our DONATE page and we will send your club a photo every month of the very school you are responsible for.  

school RC of greenvle

For $5,000 Donation
you sponsor the translation and retooling of the entire program into an additional language.
Educational access to MILLIONS of mother tongue speakers!



2. Additional Language – Details:
COST – $5,000

Few professional educational programs are translated into the native tongue of Bantu language speakers.  The impact is farther reaching, and is highly appreciated by African peoples.  We employ well-known television comedy writers/performers who are fluent in each native language to translate and edit our scripts.

Scripts are then pre-recorded in a studio by native speakers.
We cross reference HIV prevalence with population and will add languages in descending order to expand our reach as wide as possible.

For instance in Kenya there are:

NOTE: Do you have a passion to help a specific language group?  Let us know, and for $5,000 we will track down talent and make a version in the language of your choice.

Remember, EVERYONE who is using our program kit has FREE ACCESS to download scripts and programs in EACH additional language that is added.