Laugh. Learn. Live.

Project HAND UP takes a culturally relevant, non-threatening, and entertaining approach to educating large groups of people with information about HIV and AIDS. We reduce stigma, promote gender equality, teach sexual health, and encourage immediate action. We do all of that - with laugh-out-loud puppet shows.

We support the international goal of "zero new infections" by bringing life-saving information to East African people in unforgettable ways.

Why Are We Using Puppets?

Who We Help - The People We Serve

The HIV Infected Child

Our presentations teach HIV+ children to live POSITIVE and teaches their peers to respect those who are infected. Increasing awareness reduces stigma.
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Pregnant Mothers

An infected mother is not doomed to birth an HIV+ child. With non-threatening and culturally appropriate education – mothers learn to take the steps to insure a healthy newborn.
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The Local Health Clinic

We motivate people to act on the what they learn. Our program directs individuals to local counselors, hospitals and voluntary clinics to help strengthen existing local efforts.
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Teens and Adults

The conservative nature of rural communities is a huge obstacle to teaching sexually active teens and adults facts about AIDS. Puppets break down such barriers.
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Why Puppets Work

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What is Project HAND UP

What we do and how in 3 minutes or less.
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Four Easy Ways To Help Change Lives