Laugh. Learn. Live.

Project HAND UP takes a culturally relevant, non-threatening, and entertaining approach to educating large groups of people with information about HIV and AIDS, health, sanitation, and child safety.

Our programs help reduce stigma, promote gender equality, teach sexual health, prevent harm, eliminate disease and encourage immediate action. We do all of that - with laugh-out-loud puppet shows.

Organizations in need of help with on-the-ground, barrier-breaking, messaging and unique communication are encouraged to partner with us to make an impact on global health.

Why Are We Using Puppets?

Additional Funded and Unfunded Program Topics

Conservation – Green Initiative Challenge

FUNDED – A consortium of Kenyan foundations contracted us to run the education module of an international award-winning tree planting initiative. It also features education on recycling, reducing litter and growing trees for fuel, income, and food.
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Child Safety

PARTIALLY FUNDED – A Nairobi area for-profit business hired us to write, produce and perform a “what to do when you get lost” safety program.  It features lively songs, object lessons, and information heavy skits.

More funding is needed to round out the program.
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Fire Prevention & Respect For The Disabled

UNFUNDED – One of our puppeteers was burned in a fire early in life.  We are in the process of developing an educational show about fire safety and stigma of disabled people that is equal parts biographical, informative and preventative. 
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WASH: Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Ed.

UNFUNDED: Hygiene education and understanding of basic germ theory in schools can improve the health and education of children and we have the program and experience to do it. Currently looking for partners.
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Why Puppets Work

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What is Project HAND UP

What we do and how in 3 minutes or less.
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Four Easy Ways To Help Change Lives