Poet Nation with encouragement and support Response Innovation Lab and additional funding from World Vision, Rotary Clubs of District 5810, and The Australian High Commission was tasked with reaching children and families with COVID-19 related messaging.


Aware of our first televised effort with “Ask Dr. Pamoja” in Nairobi, Kenya; Poet Nation came to us with a concept of “protector twins” named “Hiddo and Hirsi” who would fantasize about being real life super heroes who protect their communities.   


Project HAND UP worked with Poet Nation to develop each topic into a script that used a classic Somalian story retold with a modern context and juxtaposed with a specific  covid-19 learning outcome.


After script writing was complete, it was translated into Somali and audio tracks were recorded at Project HAND UP studios.  Our puppetry crew learned the actions in English, and the lip-synchronization in Somali with the help of Somali advisors and dual language scripts. 


Project HAND UP provided production services for the shoot, while much of the video crew were provided by Buni Media.


Our partners at Buni Media designed scenery provided direction, script supervision and shared post production with Poet Nation.


Somali advisors worked side by side with our crew.


Eventually, Arabic versions were created for Yemeni audiences from the stories we wrote and the footage we co-created with Poet Nation and Buni Media.


  • Sensitize Somalian children and families during the covid-19 pandemic about public safety, covid mitigation strategies and mental health.

  • Support nationwide efforts to help keep children active at home and support favorable attitudes about at home learning

  • Empower children to have positive attitudes about their own ability to help their communities during the pandemic

  • Incorporate classic Somalian stories and proverbs into each script

Behind the Scenes Documentary – Making of Hiddo & Hirsi series

What We Delivered:

7 videos suitable for broadcast television – approximate length 7-12 minutes each

Ep 7: Vaccinations – Talaalku waa Caawiyoo, Jirooyinkuu naga

Ep 6: Learning At Home – Wax ku Barashada Guriga

Ep 5: Emotion and Feelings (during COVID-19) – Shucuurta iyo Dareenka

Ep 4: Physical Distancing – Kalafogaada!

Ep 3: Wash Your Hands – Dhaq Gacmahaaga!

Ep 2: Without School, do something to keep your minds busy! – Iskool La’an – Wax Aad Miskaxdiina Ku Mashquulisaan Sameeya!

Ep 1: Wear Mask In Public – Maskaaradaada Xiro!

Two videos were translated with new establishing shots for audiences in Yemen.
Hiddo and Hirsi became “Leila & Latif”

Yemen (Arabic) Leila & Latif! – Vaccinations لطيف وليلى- الحلقة الثاني- اللقاحات مفيدة، فهي تحمينا من الأمراض

Yemen (Arabic)

 Leila & Latif! – Wash Your Hands! – Colloquial Yemeni Arabic – ليلى ولطيف – اغسلوا أيديكم! –