Behavior Change Communication for kids, families, and communities

Project HAND UP is a non-profit behavior change communication company specializing in using puppetry, visual aids, and live-action storytelling in mass media, digital video, and live, in-person community presentations.


Founded in 2013 we are passionate about using edutainment to tackle tough topics, and especially using performing arts to engage audiences about taboo or otherwise tedious or uncomfortable subjects.  We are particularly experienced in working on health, hygiene, sanitation, disease prevention, public safety, and child safety topics.


Our most recent and sustained projects have been at the intersection of public health and Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene.  Our experience with this subject has been integral to several ongoing campaigns around neglected tropical diseases, waterborne illness, and the COVID-19 pandemic.


Project HAND UP’s services include creative writing and video production, media buying, cinematography, and post-production.  Additionally, we handle the design & implementation of experiential, live in-person school and community behavior change/education programs. We also handle data-collection and post-campaign evaluation of both our mass media video and live, in-person campaigns.

Benefits of Working With Us

• 50+ years of edutainment experience among our principals (on 5 continents)


• Visually savvy. Our cinematographers and post-production crew are award-winning


• In-house creative studio


• Fiercely creative staff


• We make it fun – we work with local comedians and celebrity voice actors on most projects


• Our work is driven by actual, not circumstantial passion.  This means that we are in this business because against all odds in East Africa we want to use our favorite art forms for measurable change that improves and saves lives.  We cover topics where the stakes are high, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Core Competencies

Our Core Services Include:

• Strategic Media Planning and Development

• Full-Service Video Production

• Commercial and Documentary Cinematography

• Writing and Copy Editing

• Media Buying (In Kenya)

• Designing and Implementing Long Form Educational Experiences
• Tour planning, scheduling
• Printed educational materials (comic books, informational brochures)

Our Areas of Subject-Matter Experience:

• Hand Washing

• Child Safety

• Conservation

• HIV and AIDS

• Stigma of Children Born with HIV

• Persons With Disabilities

• Fire Safety

• Gender Equality

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