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LVCT Health continues to provide our audiences with free counseling through Safaricom, educational materials, condoms, and sends volunteers to give presentations and perform Q&A’s at all of our special events and training sessions.

Project HAND UP was born out of the enthusiasm and vision of our home club in DeSoto, TX.

Our Supporters:Over twenty clubs and hundreds of Rotarians in District 5810 continue to support our work in Kenya.

Thanks to generous donations from Einstein Printing in Addison, Texas we always have beautiful mailers, business cards and signs for our events in the USA.


Pelican signs on Mombassa Road in Nairobi, Kenya donates all of our banners, backdrops, and educational signage used in our shows in Kenya.

Special thanks to the very talented comedian, artist, and voice actor, Aaron Aryanpur who lent his voice to us in early editions of our content, donated his time to our stand-up comedy fundraisers and who also has created our logos/artwork/letterhead.