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Healthy Africa: a New Directive –Using Puppets!

gracewin small We are dedicated to preventing the spread of HIV and AIDS and improving the quality of life for those living with HIV and AIDS in East Africa – through education.

• We develop culturally relevant edutainment curriculum that anyone can use.

• We also present “deluxe” high-impact, performance art based edutainment programs ourselves in English, Kiswahili and various native languages of East Africa.

• Finally, we produce and perform new curriculum based on the needs of local foundations and organizations within Kenya.  We currently are touring and supporting conservation education, child safety education, and civic education.  We have pending projects on Fire Safety and Comprehensive Sexual and Menstrual Health Education.

MISSION: To teach East Africans about living productive, healthy lives and prevent the spread of HIV by using novel performance and visual art educational presentations.

We use puppetry, magic, and storytelling to educate and promote social change in the area of health.  We currently create and perform curricula on HIV prevention and related social and health issues.

•We train educators to use performing arts to teach health concepts.

•We create and distribute educational curriculum to existing community health educators that utilize visual and performing arts.

•We perform educational live shows at schools, churches and community centers.

• Stigmatization of those living with HIV
• The importance of getting tested
• How transmission takes place/how it does not
• Prevention
• Self-acceptance
• Gender Equity
• Respect, Kindness, Equality