WHAT is the Plan?

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Phase One:  Completed

Objectives: Fact finding, HIV/AIDS education content needs study, feasibility/efficacy research, and performer training.


• We completed introductory, 3.5 hour training sessions for over 200 existing child educators and intensive 2 month mentoring with 15  performers in the Central Province of Kenya.
• We performed sample presentations on TV networks, primary schools,  orphanages, several public meeting spaces, churches and a young adult arts center
• Began the process of restructuring Project HAND UP to officially begin international work.
• Made contacts with studios, performing artists, existing HIV/AIDS educators and cultural consultants

Timetable: June 22 – December 1, 2012

Phase Two: Underway/Seeking Funding

Objectives: Production, Distribution and Implementation. Write, record, and acquire materials for curriculum development.  Produce a live show and tour Kenya with teams of performer/educators.  Make program available to medical and educational NGOs.  Setup international workspace in Nairobi, Kenya.  Teacher training.

Timetable: January 2013 – July 2014

Current Status: (June 2013)
• Re-organization and restructuring of Project HAND UP
• Grant Applications – Live Fundraising Events
• Rolling out new fundraisers, web sites and public awareness campaigns.

PHASE Three: Initial Planning

Objective: Setup and implement a short term volunteer program for American university students to tour East Africa with Project: HAND UP! curriculum.

Status: n/a 


• We are working closely with specialists in children’s education to make this project possible. The program developers we are working with have been long recognized as a leader in combining education with entertainment. They have been producing age-appropriate, instructional puppet programs since 1974. Their creative staff wrote and produced all of the music, lyrics and instructional programming (including dialog and songs) for McGruff’s Crime Prevention and Drug Protection Program; a graded puppet program created in cooperation with and licensed by the National Crime Prevention Council and featuring a puppet version of McGruff, the Crime Dog. Introduced in 1985 and implemented in thousands of elementary schools nationwide, this program is still in use in classrooms across the country.

• We have a close working relationship (established in PHASE I) with some of Kenya’s most gifted stand-up comedians and comedy writers. They serve as editors and consultants to our creative staff in the USA.

• We have sought counsel with the a Kenyan theatrical company (S.A.F.E.) and will continue to work with their story writers who are already experienced in teaching social issues using theatre, in East Africa.  They have been featured in the Academy Award winning movie “The Constant Gardener” and continue to be our inspiration.

• We have volunteer consultants from the magic community as well.  Some of North America’s most scholarly magicians have devoted their time to assisting with some of the visual aids we use in order to illustrate key ideas about disease transmission. Historians, authors, and nationally recognized leaders in the world of magic have committed to lending a hand.