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Project HAND UP in Kenya –

Project HAND UP is based in Nairobi, the financial hub for East Africa and the center of most things “happening” in Kenya.

kenya-mapOur main focus right now is in Central Province and Rift Valley of Kenya.

We perform at primary schools, secondary schools, orphanages; and, when in rural areas or slums, we perform in outdoor community gathering places.

PHASE I of the project took us to Nakuru, Karen, Ngong, Rift Valley, Western Province and all over the Central Province.

Right now curriculum is designed for English and Kiswahili, which makes it possible for our work to expand to reach the majority of people in East Africa.

But it is imperative that we secure funding for additional dialects to be translated, so we can reach outlying and rural areas of Kenya – often the most affected and at risk.  There are over 40 language groups in Kenya (which is approximately the same size as Texas.)

By 2015 our goal is to bring our live program into Uganda, Tanzania, and Zambia.