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STATUS: Our teams are currently available in Kenya and based in Kilimani.

-Pricing varies depending on size and location of school.
-For locations outside of Nairobi please add for fuel.
-Our teams will not travel after dark.  Fees for food, fuel, and accommodation will be added to events requiring an overnight stay.
-All presentations include Swahili or English booklets for all attendees of our shows.

If you would like us to attend your school, church, or community event please email your request to: [email protected]

Please include:

  1. Date or range of dates
  2. School, Church or Venue Name
  3. Your Full Name and Title
  4. Contact Phone Numbers
  5. Backup Phone Number and Email
  6. Location of event (please be specific)

Shows are 65 minutes in length and can be performed for as many as 1000 people at once, depending on the situation.  We prefer an audience of 300 or fewer.

In some situations we are willing to do a 15 minute sample presentation, although the daily fee remains the same.

Remember we take this work seriously.  We are going to have a fun experience with your audience but please keep the following in mind:


  1. We prefer to perform in the morning, before lunch.
  2. Our current show is designed for Class 2 and above.
  3. We require 65 minutes of dedicated, uninterrupted time per performance.
  4. Teachers should be present for each performance.
  5. One staff member should greet us upon arrival and be knowledgeable about where we are performing and our complete schedule for the day.
  6. All staff must be informed of the schedule at least one week prior and expect interruption of regular class activity.


  1. Our show is appropriate for all ages.
  2. We will not perform without adults present.
  3. Adult to child ratio must be at least 1 to 20.
  4. If the audience is comprised of children under the age of 7, we will be unable to perform.