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The Krystall Puppetry Hub begins in 2021.

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Eric pioneered and innovated the use of puppetry for development and education in Kenya. His greatest desire for this art in Kenya was to have a lasting Puppetry center or “hub” where puppetry could be studied, performed, taught, and used as a physical base for mobilisation of education puppet teams.

Taken in February 2019 – this is possibly the only photo ever taken with Eric and a puppet.

A few dozen meters from Eric’s burial site, along the driveway, is the land that Eric and Nani have earmarked for donation for this “puppetry hub”.

Over the next three years, we will build this hub and move the Kenya Institute of Puppet Theatre, Puppets254, Krystall Puppeteers, and Project HAND UP from their leased space in Kilimani to this site where all of Eric’s protégés in puppetry can work for decades to come. Together, we can ensure that Eric’s legacy will enrich future generations.

To make a donation toward fulfilling Eric’s legacy you may send donations via mpesa:
DIAL: *483*57*38278#

PAYBILL: 891300

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