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Global grants start at $30,000 from The Rotary Foundation.  Grants cannot be used to support existing programs, so a new initiative would need to be launched.  We have four concepts with varying degrees of support from various clubs – and not all involve Rotary Club of DeSoto.  You could be a host or international club – either way here are some impactful ideas.

• Sponsor a set of six language translations for $30,000

By raising money for new mother-tongue translations we can go deeper into communities and reach far more people in a far more impactful way.

Few professional educational programs are translated into the native tongue of Bantu language speakers.  We employ well-known television comedy writers/performers who are fluent in each native language to translate and edit our scripts.

Scripts are then pre-recorded in a studio by native speakers.
We cross reference HIV prevalence with population and will add languages in descending order to expand our reach as wide as possible.

For instance in Kenya there are:

We would also like to record a pure swahili version that is generic enough (with little accent) to play in all Swahili speaking areas.  Our current translations are a mix of Kenyan English and Swahili and with heavy Kenyan accents

Remember, EVERYONE who is using our program kit has FREE ACCESS to download scripts and programs in EACH additional language that is added.

TWO <—- Time Sensitive
• Lavington Rotary Club PEACE PROJECT $200k-300k

An ambitious puppetry and film based project.  Details can be seen here – if you are serious about spreading a message of peace in a gripping and truly illuminating way – take three minutes and watch this video:

•The Puppetry Hub

A rotarian in Kenya has donated land to create a puppetry education center, where a studio, theatre, classrooms and a nationwide tour staging area can be built.  It would be the first of its kind on the continent of Africa.  This is an ambitious project that could use a large scale grant to help break ground.

• One Entire County/Region

Depending on the language and county we believe that a $30,000 grant could educate an entire region of people.  We would like to start nearby on Maasai land, and there is also great need in the lake region.  Either way, we have a strategy in place, just waiting for the right Rotarians with the right vision.

We believe that total saturation of schools in a single region could have long term positive impact in reducing new infections.