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Video update from Kenya, summer 2014.  Snippets of brief test versions of aspects of the show, along with audience reactions and a first demo version of our theme song.


Project HAND UP! Official fundraiser videos:

Kenyan TV Interviews:

In the fall of 2012 phase one of Project HAND UP involved primarily research & development and took place without the financial backing of a non-profit. Our director was using his time in country to see if the project would be feasible and effective, and to seek partnerships.

Once progress was made, and the Project began to take shape and look like a worthwhile effort, Darren Collins was invited to share the project with a nationwide audience. These interviews were broadcast on the top tv stations in East Africa. They were very helpful for finding interested Kenyans who would later receive hours of hands on training.

Here is the first interview with Debarl Inea, one of the favorite talk show hosts in Kenya.  Clearly, this was a nice diversion from the regular cavalcade of politicians and business leaders that are usually interviewed.  NTV re-broadcast this interview a month later.

Dorren Appolos interviewed Darren for the widest (geographically speaking) broadcast audience on KBC.  After this interview, Darren received calls and requests for partnership from some of the the rural areas of Kenya.  This interview was part of the health segment on The Good Morning Kenya show.

For more media about Project HAND UP’s HIV and AIDS prevention education in Kenya go to our YouTube channel.