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Conservation – Green Initiative Challenge

FUNDED – A consortium of Kenyan foundations contracted us to run the education module of an international award-winning tree planting initiative. It also features education on recycling, reducing litter and growing trees for fuel, income, and food.
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Child Safety

PARTIALLY FUNDED – A Nairobi area for-profit business hired us to write, produce and perform a “what to do when you get lost” safety program.  It features lively songs, object lessons, and information heavy skits.

More funding is needed to round out the program.
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Local Artists:

Performance artists abound in Kenya.  For decades dancers, acrobats, singers and musicians have toured Africa and abroad with their talents.  However, like many of us performers around the world, it’s not always easy to find work.  Project HAND UP! hires and train existing performance artists to put on Health Focused Events that use our “edutainment” curriculum. It is important for all artists to find a
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