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Watch Lionel Sing The Four Way Test:

For just $500 you can have one of these smart little fellas delivered your club or district to place in your own community!  He comes with all needed cables, sound system, .mp3 player and 30 songs including the Four Way Test (for kids!)



By phone:

Call 469-337-5217 (We will guide you through the purchase process)

By check: 

Make payable to:
Project Hand Up
PO BOX 2947
Desoto, TX 75123

Add $36 for shipping anywhere outside of DFW in the continental USA. International orders please add $55.

By Credit Card:

Go to

Enter the correct amount and enter “Robot Lion” in the “Other Purpose Field”

We will call you to clarify details after payment is received.


Be sure to include

1. full name
2. shipping address
3. phone number
4. email address

Also include the name, location and phone number of the pre-school or elementary school (and classroom if applicable).

This animatronic character teaches important education and life lessons in the form of 30 different songs about numbers, reading, sharing, manners, following directions, and more!







Project HAND UP uses a lion puppet as it’s main character when working in East Africa – based on the same look as this animatronic character.

In order to raise money for our efforts in East Africa we have made this character available to our supporters in ROTARY.  He only speaks in American English, but can be used to great effect at pre-schools all over North America.

Sponsor one for a pre-school in your neighborhood, or just get one for your own family, home-school group or church.  Your purchase makes strides toward funding our work in Africa.

Kids love to learn and sing along with Lionel T. Lion because he does so many things!

•Eyes Blink!
•Head Turns!
•Mouth Moves!
•Arms move!
•Body Sways!

And he sings 20 songs:

The Four Way Test
Lead the Band
The Dancing Song
Please Read Me a Story
Numbers 1-10
Washing My Hands
Animal Sounds
I’m the Only Me
Take Care Of Your Eyes
Give One Away (subtraction)

The Snack Parade
Rinkee Tinkee Minkee Fee
My Senses
Excuse Me
Following the Leader
1+1 Make 2 (addition)
Black and White
Alphabet Song (not the one you know)

Robotic Lionel is like a puppet show without the puppeteer. He moves his mouth in time with the words to the songs he sings, dances from side to side, turns his head left and right, raises his arms (together and separately), and blinks throughout each performance. All these movements have been pre-programmed and embedded into each song he sings which are, in turn, played on a personal CD player.

Although Robotic Lionel™ has an internal sound system which is functional for small groups (6 or less), he can also be connected to most any external sound system – making him just right for assembly style events. Just place him on an elevated stand, plug in the .mp3 player and then connect his built-in output to your sound system. All you have to do is push “play”. Robotic Lionel does the rest.

PTA’s/PTO’s often spend hundreds of dollars to hire a single presenter come and do an assembly one time during the course of the school year. Three assembly events probably means thousands of dollars from the annual budget, but the impact of the these events is limited at best. How much can a young person learn from a one-time presentation? That’s what makes Robotic Lionel such an amazing investment. For less than the cost of ONE special assembly, you can bring Lionel to your school where he will be available every school day for years to come.

Imagine having an ASSEMBLY “PERFORMER” available at your school EVERY DAY to help teach young children lessons like Washing My HandsSaying “Excuse Me,” I’m the Only Me, 1+1 Make 2, Sharing, Lead The Band, and many more including introductions to some of the Pillars of Character.

And, most of all, a special “kid version” of the Four Way Test is included with Lionel!

As the children sing along with Robotic Lionel, a musical experience is created that can enhance any classroom situation. Robotic Lionel performances can be used as inclement weather activity; an addition to an arithmetic, reading, social studies, or heath lesson; a music activity; or even as a reward for special behavior.