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Short tasks you can do right now to help promote Project: HAND UP!

First, take 10 minutes right now, and sign up for the free programs mentioned in the video below.
You can make thousands of retailers give on your behalf with these simple applications.  Check it out!

Contact your favorite local media sources.buttons local media

Step 1: Go to your local newspaper, radio, and tv websites.  Locate their contact pages and rules for news submissions.

Step 2: Download FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE and these photos for submission.

Step 3. Follow the instructions (on the media websites) for submitting this information.  (Use this link for videos when submitting info to TV stations.)

Print a custom information page to hand out.buttons print

Step 1: Right Click here and download this .pdf document in color -or- click here to download this .pdf version in grayscale.

Step 2: (optional) or click here to open a new page with a printable document.

Step 3: Find the save option to download a copy to your computer -or- find the print option to send a copy to your printer.

Email our project info to someone special.buttons email

Step 1: Simply click here to open your email browser.

Step 2: If that does not work, copy this link:

Step 3: Open your email client and paste the URL there.

Optional: Copy and Paste any URL you think your friend, relative, or potentially interested parties would like.

Like and share our site on Facebook.buttons FB1

Step 1: Click here to go to our facebook page.

Step 2: Click “LIKE”

Step 3: Locate the arrow next to the “like” and “message” buttons on our facebook page.  Click the arrow and a drop down menu will appear.

Step 4: Press “Share” and select “On Your Own Timeline” or where ever you think would be most effective.

Step 5: Be sure to include a personal message* about why your friends should click on our page.

*Adding a personal message greatly increases the likelihood that people will followup on your “share”.  Your friends need to know WHY you care about Project: HAND UP!

Follow us on twitter and retweet.buttons twitter1

Step 1: Go to our twitter page

Step 2: Click “Follow”

Step 3: Compose a new tweet with @project_handup in it.

Step 4: Take a moment every few days and RT one of our tweets.

View our videos on YouTube and share.buttons youtube

Step 1:
Go to our YouTube channel.

Step 2: View each video we have posted.

Step 3: Click on “share” for your favorite video and post to your favorite social networking site.

Step 4: Post one of our videos in relevant blog or news site comment sections, or send to whoever might appreciate it.