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District grants can go a long way to helping us reach tens or even hundreds of thousands of people with innovative health education.  Here are four larger initiatives that you could sponsor as a district.

• Create new curriculum (TB, Malaria, Water)

For approximately $6k-$12k we can develop an entirely new program to tackle new health initiatives.  Water borne illness and hygiene programs top our list, with tuberculosis and malaria education coming in next.  However, as the need arises we are also considering ebola and bird flu programs, so we can be ready to mobilize with high quality content in a moments notice.

A lot of health education is about cultural issues as much or more than it is about medical issues.  Using puppets to address the icky, unpleasant, and culturally taboo issues surrounding health is a fast and effective way to promote preventative education.

• Mobilize a team for one year

For $21,250 we pay the minimum costs of mobilizing one team of puppeteers for 50 weeks at a rate of one school per day.  Although there are other expenses, this number provides the baseline needed to educate as many as a quarter of a million people.

Please email us to discuss particulars.  Combined with a language translation, this could be transformative for an entire region of people.

• Sponsor language translations

We would love to complete new translations into other languages.  Each translation costs $5,000 and there are approximately six languages in Kenya that we would like to tackle first.  If your district has a passion for this group – a $30,000 grant from The Rotary Foundation is the minimum dollar amount.  However, a District grant could be created for a lesser amount.

If you have a passion for a particular place outside of Kenya, let’s discuss options.  We could get a new team up and running for between $12k and $20k just about anywhere in the world.

• Sponsor Jose’s Fire Show  <—–high priority

$4945 can launch a tremendous project that is sure to capture hearts and minds.

A beneficiary of our training events came to us wanting to start an program about fire safety and respect for the disabled.  We need help to launch this amazing program.  Read here to learn about this project.